Sights and Sounds

Memories of special times and people.

Christmas for me has always been a time of many wonderful sights and sounds. The sounds of the kids opening their gifts. The bantering between my brothers and me, and also some cousins teasing me on various things. The sights of the Christmas lights on some of houses and Christmas trees at the Community League.

I have always been fascinated by Christmas lights and the expressions on the kids’ faces when they open their gifts. I remember the sight of my mom welcoming family to our Christmas party. The sight of my dad was in my mind as I was walking from my apartment to the Boyle Street Plaza, as I reflected on his passing at Christmas of 2004, and remembered hearing him laugh at me that time when I walked into a signpost. My dad and my brothers and I were very close, and I think about him often.

I also love the sight and sounds with my son as we watched the fireworks from the street near where i live, each of us with a drink and cigar. You can’t beat that for a father-son get- together. I am thinking ahead to the sights and sounds of 2018. Happy New Year everyone!

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