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Boyle McCauley News: 2019 Publishing Schedule

Boyle McCauley News is facing challenging times as we head into our 40th year. We are currently engaged in important fundraising efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of the paper, hence our raffles (speaking of which – have you reserved your tickets for the trip for two to Italy? Contact for more information).

We have also implemented a change to our publishing schedule in 2019. We are going to be producing eight print issues (down from 10) which will be spaced six weeks apart. This means that for four issues, the deadlines will be as they currently are (the 12th of the month) with distribution around the 1st of the month, and the other four will be deadlines around the 20th of the month, with distribution happening mid-month.

A detailed publication calendar is below. The issue names will not be by month, but by volume and number. This calendar includes deadlines for editorial and advertising, as well as the distributions dates. We hope this information will be useful to people wishing to volunteer with the paper as contributors or block carriers, as well as to advertisers.

We are also going to be putting an extra emphasis on our website and social media, through publishing more web exclusives, e-newsletters, Instagram stories, and Facebook/Twitter posts in addition to our print issues. You can sign up for our e-newsletters at our website:

*Boyle McCauley News*
2019 Publishing Calendar

Volume 40, Issue 1
Distributed by February 1
Editorial Deadline: January 12
Advertising Deadline: January 15

Volume 40, Issue 2
Distributed by March 15
Editorial Deadline: February 20
Advertising Deadline: February 23

Volume 40, Issue 3
Distributed by May 1
Editorial Deadline: April 12
Advertising Deadline: April 15

Volume 40, Issue 4
Distributed by June 15
Editorial Deadline: May 22
Advertising Deadline: May 25

Volume 40, Issue 5
Distributed by August 1
Editorial Deadline: July 12
Advertising Deadline: July 15

Volume 40, Issue 6
Distributed by September 15
Editorial Deadline: August 22
Advertising Deadline: August 25

Volume 40, Issue 7
Distributed by November 1
Editorial Deadline: October 12
Advertising Deadline: October 15

Volume 40, Issue 8
Distributed by December 15
Editorial Deadline: November 22
Advertising Deadline: November 25

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