Generational Healing and a Space at EPL

From Generational Trauma to Generational Healing

While visiting a cousin recently, I discovered that two of his three sons were taught by a relative who teaches at Prince Charles elementary school*. “Wow, that’s cool,” I said. He further informed me that his youngest son currently attends Prince Charles and in a few years will also be taught by our relative. So, we have had two generations at Prince Charles: one who has been through university and possibly three more who may choose to do likewise. “This is good news and a great story that needs to be told,” I said to my cousin. “People more frequently hear the generational trauma stories and not how our community is prospering and healing.” My cousin agreed.

*Indigenous/_neheyaw_. Prince Charles School has a Cree language program and many Indigenous students.

“Indigenous Space” at EPL

The Edmonton Public Library (EPL) held the last of several public consultations for “Indigenous Space” being proposed for the renovated Stanley Milner Library downtown.

A handful of mostly Indigenous people met at the Strathcona branch on April 11 to answer several questions. Two of them were, “What does indigenous space mean to you?” and “Is it the same as a decolonized space?” The event included a smudge, and participants were given a tobacco pouch as a cultural protocol appreciation.

It is not too late to give your thoughts about the subject. Contact Jed Johns, Senior Advisor Indigenous Relations, EPL at “”

Sharon Pasula is an Indigenous spiritual and cultural resource person who lives in Boyle Street.

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