Kids’ Hockey McCauley

Father Jim helped drive the junk out
Needles and their people used to be sleepin’
Derelict at the rink shack

With the Oilers swooped in to rescue the kids
Hockey here keeps em off the street

It’s a beautiful day at the rink
And the Iceman he got it all sheen

And the teens they be skatin’
And the neighbours be sayin’
It’s about time we got that place clean

With Sparky around
He keeps the place neat
Open 7 days a week
Unless the weather ain’t playin’

Shinny friends, brothers, fathers
Mostly boys out but the girls
Skate circles around them
Just half the rink away

It’s mostly for the kids though
I can’t skate
And I’d fall all over if I tried

At the fire pit we roast hot dogs
For Wiener Wednesday
Cheer on the thrill of minor hockey

The EPCOR tower top shines neon blue
High-rise distant
As night falls on 96 Street
And the kids head home

Closing up the chain link
All smiles on their faces

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