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Spirit Walk

I took a walk yesterday. Snow glistened and ice crystals danced in the early morning cold I could hear drums in the distance. Louder and louder they became. No one stirred. I realized these drum beats were mine alone to hear and to listen.

As I approached the icy lake, I could see my ancestors were gathered, dancing;

Bustles moving;

Jingles healing;

The old ones listening;

Circles of dancers.

My ancestors were alive and well sharing with me medicine from the spirit world,

Dancing and healing.

Medicines of long ago never to be replaced – older than the earth –

Older than time immemorial,

They came to me, they healed me and spoke the words only I could hear,

Of medicine, guidance, and healing.

Melissa is of Mi’kmaq, Cree, and European ancestry. She is an established beadwork artist, advocate of social issues, and a writer.

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