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Getting Over the Weather

Summer has always been my favourite time of the year. When I was a child, I associated it with a two-month holiday from school. Now, I see it as a break from the snow and cold (even when it is replaced with wind and rain at this time of year). I enjoy summer festivals, longer days, the warm sunshine, and pretty much the typical things that people say they enjoy at this time of year.

But summer is just a season, and like all seasons, it is temporary. And, like any other time of the year, it holds memories for me, both good and bad. It is also the time when I come face to face with one of my pet peeves: people who complain about the weather. Especially when they are the same people who complain about the aforementioned cold and snow of the winter. People for whom the temperature goes from being too cold to too hot. I wish these people would just make up their minds as to which extreme they dislike the most. My response to people who whine about it being too hot when it is +30 is usually, “Don’t worry – it will be -30 again soon enough.”

Sure enough, when the days get dark before 5 p.m. and it’s cold enough outside for us to grow icicles from our noses, those same people complain. I often wonder if they spend as much time complaining about something over which they actually have control. Alas, the weather is not one of these things.

Personally, I don’t like temperature extremes either, but that’s life in Edmonton. When it gets too hot, I’ll put on my shorts, have a cold drink, and smile – even if I’m burning.

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Neighbourhood Views

  • Cecily Mills Receives Public Interest Award – Boyle Street resident and Boyle McCauley News contributor Cicely Mills received the 2017 Public Interest Award at the Public Interest Alberta (PIA) AGM on June 19. From left: Larry Booi (PIA Board President), Joel French (PIA Executive Director), Cicely, and John Wodak (Chair of the Seniors’ Action Liaison Team - SALT). Cicely was nominated for the award by SALT. Each year the Public Interest Awards are awarded to individuals and/or organizations who are working to strengthen Alberta’s public sphere and public interest. Public Interest Alberta

  • Hallelujah Garage Sale – The Hallelujah Garage Sale on June 17 featured tables of goods for sale in front of many of the churches along Church Street, as well as in the McCauley Rink. The event was supported by McCauley Revitalization. Dan Glugosh

  • Pride Parade 2017 – The 2017 Pride Parade took place on June 10. This year’s Grand Marshalls were Edmonton’s two-spirit community. Paula E. Kirman  

  • Annual Homeless Memorial – Gary Moostoos places a flower at the Homeless Memorial sculpture during the Edmonton Homeless Memorial on June 2, organized by the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (ECOHH). ECOHH identified 106 deaths in 2016 due to homelessness, with a total of 599 deaths documented since the first memorial service 12 years ago. Paula E. Kirman

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