McCauley Community League AGM Draws Crowd Again

The McCauley Community League’s Annual General Meeting on March 21 was large and lively.

Inside this month

  • Roots and Rockers Headline Experimental Evening

    An experimental show at Bohemia in Boyle Street on May 5 features two of Edmonton’s top musicians.

  • My Recycle History

    Former mayor Jan Reimer created a legacy with regard to recycling in Edmonton with the Blue Box program and made sustainability a part of our lives.

  • Turn Up the Fun in Giovanni Caboto Park

    Events are coming up in early May to raise funds for the Heart of the City Festival.

  • Get Active This Summer in the Inner City

    Enjoy the summer weather with activities from Inner City Rec and Wellness.

  • McCauley Permaculture Starter Kit

    The making of a McCauley garden.

  • McCauley Soccer Update

    We have over 70 kids registered and we’re ready to play and have fun!

  • Justice for Cindy Gladue

    What will lead to justice for Cindy Gladue and other vulnerable women?

  • Good Decisions, Wrong Reasons

    When it comes to sustainability, we often make good decisions – but for the wrong reasons.

  • Plant Exchange on May 18

    Energize your yard with some free plants and give away what you don’t need.

  • Solar Energy: Is It Worth It?

    Solar energy is a great step towards a lower carbon footprint, but it is currently expensive in light of the potential savings on your power bills.

  • Streetscape Meeting

    A pre-construction meeting on April 9 let people in on some upcoming changes to a few streets in McCauley.

  • Spiritual Sustainability

    As the City prepares to improve the streetscapes in McCauley, let’s pay hommage to Maria Goretti.

  • Yard Share

    Sustainable Food Edmonton has started a program to help people collectively grow food.

  • Cultural Sustainability

    Art and community programming can help create a sustainable culture. An update from Quarters Arts.

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