Getting Serious About Safety

A safety meeting in October highlighted concerns in McCauley and has led to action towards solutions.

Inside this month

  • The Politics of Hope Begin at Home

    Some suggestions on ways to build community and create a more hopeful world.

  • Opinion: Being Nice is a Canadian Virtue

    A holiday reflection on being Canadian and getting along with our neighbours.

  • Passing with the Seasons

    Two recent deaths of residents at McCauley Apartments prompted this philosophical look at how we view passages.

  • Surviving Christmas

    Christmas is a time where many people feel sad or depressed. Accepting those feelings and making them part of holiday observances can help us move forward.

  • Monday Night Kids

    A Christian program for elementary-aged children at The Rock on Monday evenings.

  • Courage to Speak

    Youths exploited by a middle-aged man were helped through the system by CEASE and other caring adults.

  • A Green Christmas

    Trees are an important part of Christmas – and our lives.

  • Snow in the City

    Some tips to keep your sidewalks safe and clear.

  • Give a Little More Each Year

    Giving is an important part of the holiday season, as we remember those less fortunate.

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