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Humour is Healthy

“With humour, there is life.” JR Ward (French street artist).

Humour is at times recognized as healing! It can decrease stress, make pain seem decreased, and release good endorphins in the brain.

Have you ever noticed an audience leaving a comedy movie or show? Some of them are smiling, laughing, not as visibly angry, and even at times more polite and courteous!

Do you remember a good friend with whom you shared funny stories? How watching a good comedy show makes you feel good and is a pleasant escape from an unpleasant situation?

Memories are made through humour. You often hear a conversation start with, “I have a funny story to tell you . . .” As long as it is not harming to another person, the benefits of humour are great. Even our acclaimed Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital has a therapy program called “Healing through Humour.”

Some of the great comics like comedian Chevy Chase have said humour has brought them out of dark places, so a chuckle can be like a medicine. It does the body and the mind good!

So as Bing Crosby, crooned, “Let a smile be your umbrella,
On a rainy, rainy day,
And if your sweetie cries, just tell them
That a smile will always pay.”

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Neighbourhood Views

  • Memorial Pole – A memorial to Lena Steinhauer, a young mother who was found dead in a rooming house on 112 Avenue and 95A Street. A man was charged in connection with her murder in September. The pole is on 108A Avenue, west of 95 Street. Jayne Russell

  • Burst of Brightness – An African dance troupe at the Burst of Brightness Cultural Bazaar in late November in McCauley School. Ozlem Cankaya

  • Miracle on 96 Street – Volunteers at The Mustard Seed working hard during the annual Christmas party for inner-city families in December. Anna Katryan

  • Contact Workshop at Mile Zero Dance – Participants in an intensive weekend workshop on Contact Improvisation on January 16 at Mile Zero Dance practice spiral rolls. The mural in the backdrop of the per- formance space was done by local artist Tim Rechner. Paula E. Kirman

  • Giovanni Caboto Park Glowing – The lights in full force in Giovanni Caboto Park on a winter’s evening. Paula E. Kirman

  • Snow Moon – The “Snow Moon,” a full moon on Christmas, photographed over McCauley. Leif Gregersen

  • Burst of Brightness – Joanne McNeal selling crafts at the Burst of Brightness Cultural Bazaar in late November in McCauley School. Ozlem Cankaya

  • Burst of Brightness – A Spanish dance troupe performing at the Burst of Brightness Cultural Bazaar at McCauley School in late November Ozlem Cankaya

  • MLA and the Grey Cup – MLA Brian Mason congratulates the Edmonton Eskimos for winning the 2015 Grey Cup, at a fan rally in Churchill Square in early December. Paula E. Kirman

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