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When Memories Become Diamonds

Memories: good and bad, we all have them. Good memories are like blessings that never cease, while bad ones – well, unfortunately there is no magic way to get rid of them (at least, nothing that I am interested in trying!).

When people talk about memories, it is often at events like family reunions, weddings, and funerals. Especially at the latter, people tend to focus on positive memories out of respect for the recently departed.

But what do you do about those memories that hurt to recall? That bring tears instead of smiles?

Don’t have to focus or dwell on them. Accept them. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t want to trivialize anyone’s deeply ingrained hurts and resentments, least of all my own, so let me explain.

Our personal truths and realities are made up of all of experiences. The bad ones – failures, heartbreak, betrayal – are every bit as important as the good ones, because through our mistakes and trials we have the opportunity to learn and grow. Having negative memories about someone or something could perhaps influence us to make different and better decisions in the future. In time, even those bad memories might not seem so bad after all.

There is a saying about a piece of coal under pressure transforming into a diamond (even though diamonds don’t actually form from coal). Our memories are diamonds – all of them valuable.

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Neighbourhood Views

  • Teresa Spinelli Receives Honourary Degree from NAIT – Teresa Spinelli (pictured here with her son Massimo) received an honourary Bachelor of Business Administration from NAIT on May 4, when she also gave the convocation speech. Mike Newberry

  • Helping at Homeless Connect – Around 1200 people were served at Homeless Connect on April 29 at the Shaw Conference Centre. There were 69 service providers and over 300 volunteers. Homeless Connect is a partnership between Edmonton Economic Development, Homeward Trust Edmonton and the Shaw Conference Centre. Noor Al-Henedy

  • Noi Thai Restaurant Opens in McCauley – Noi Thai Restaurant has opened up in the former location of Viphalay at 10724 95 Street. Viphalay owner and McCauley Community League board member Lily Mounma sold this location to her uncle. Look for a review in an upcoming issue of the paper. Paula E. Kirman

  • Bent Arrow Round Dance – The Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society’s Annual Round Dance took place on April 21 at the Commonwealth Rec Centre. Janis Irwin

  • Lovely Lavender – Some lavender for sale outside of Zocalo. Paula E. Kirman

  • Here Comes the Train Again – The LRT moving along the tracks between McCauley and Boyle Street. Paula E. Kirman

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