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An update on ICRWP’s summer programs.

Little Flower Gardens. Rebecca Kaiser

Street Prints
Last month, Street Prints Collective displayed our artwork at the Humanities 101 Conference at the U of A to a very interested and inspired crowd of students and teachers. Look for us selling and displaying our art this month at Heart of the City Festival on June 2nd and 3rd, in Giovanni Caboto Park, as well as June 21 at the 124 Street Grand Market on 124 Street and 108 Avenue.

Underground City
As we move past the album release phase of the project, we look forward to the next steps for our artists. Coming up, we plan to bring more musicians into the studio and record new songs, as well as supporting, mentoring, and knowledge-sharing for our younger musicians and technicians. If you know a youth who wants to record their songs, or is interested in learning how to record music and produce tracks, please contact

Mondays at the Aviary
Speaking of music, The Aviary (9314 111 Avenue) now hosts FREE concerts in support of the ICRWP! Every Monday, a show features incredible musicians and everyone is welcome! The Aviary is all-ages too, so you can even bring your pals who can’t vote yet. In May, we already had amazing shows from Jay Gilday, Bardic Form, David Jay, Ken Stead, and Pink Noise. This month, Mercy Funk plays June 11, Tzadeka on June 18, and Billy Moon on June 25! Doors open each Monday at 5 p.m., and the shows start at 8 p.m.

Hockey/Sportsmanship Award
This month, the sportsmanship award went to Jason. A participant in many programs, he is always very keen to help when someone needs any type of medical or emotional support. It’s like my first aid kit has grown legs! Jason has also learned to handle other difficult situations really well and developed personal strategies to cope with things that can be upsetting. This has allowed Jason to be a positive role model and leader in ICRWP programs. His warm and outgoing presence at programs is a foundational piece.

Outdoor soccer has started! We have moved our Tuesday Drop-in Soccer program back outside to the McCauley Apartments at 9541-108A Avenue. It is still running at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. every Tuesday. Boyle Street Football Club is well into their outdoor spring season and has been playing tight games against teams that used to be really challenging!

Lady Flower Gardens
Throughout the summer we will be heading to Lady Flower Gardens every Wednesday afternoon. We depart from Bissell Centre West at 1:00 p.m. then head to a few other agencies to pick folks up and are on our way! We are usually back by 5:30 p.m. at the latest, usually we are so relaxed from all the wonderful sunshine and gardening that we agree to come back a little earlier.

Slo-pitch is in full swing. However, we are looking for more female players and anyone with baseball, slo-pitch, softball expertise who wants to come help out and play! Games are drop-in at 7:00 p.m. down at Diamond Park #1 on Rossdale Road.

Recap of HUM 101 Conference
The Humanities 101 Conference was held on May 11-13 and had participants from Humanities programs across Western Canada. Stephanie and Phil presented on the Pet Food Bank, Mike on the Street Prints Collective, and Rebecca on the philosophy of the ICRWP. Thanks to the Humanities 101 community, all the conference attendees, and everyone else who made the conference such a success! The next semester of free, university level learning begins in the fall, so stay tuned for more information on Humanities 101 in September!

The Inner City Pet Food Bank is going to be part of Muttstock Festival this year! Muttstock is presented by Eastwood Community League. It is a gathering of dog lovers and their furry rescues. Free live music and activities for all! Come and bring your pooch or just come and enjoy all the dogs on July 7th at 11803-86 Street.

Pet Food Bank
The Inner City Pet Food Bank now feeds over 300 pets every week. We work completely off of donations and often run out of cat food, leaving our community members unable to feed their furry family members. If you have some extra bags of pet food (including opened bags and ones that are past the best-before date), or just some extra cash that you would like to offer, please drop them off at Boyle Street Community Services, or for larger donations contact us at

Rylan Kafara is the Program Lead, Inner City Recreation and Wellness Program. Mike Siek and Rebecca Kaiser are Program Coordinators with ICRWP.

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