Garry Spotowski Volunteer Award

Garry Spotowski

Garry Spotowski was a beloved McCauley community member who passed away suddenly on August 6, 2017. He was a former editor of Boyle McCauley News, and a long-time volunteer with the paper. Garry wrote articles and took photographs (often under the pen name “Arnold Waxwing”), and also delivered the paper as a block carrier. He was extremely passionate about the McCauley neighbourhood was often seen at many events and meetings.

Following his passing, the staff and board of Boyle McCauley News created the annual “Garry Spotowski Volunteer Appreciation Award” to recognize and honour long-term volunteers who have made invaluable contributions to the paper and the community.

  • 2017 Recipients

    Boyle McCauley News Editor Paula Kirman (left) and Volunteer Coordinator Colleen Chapman (far right) with Rosalie Gelderman (centre left) and Kate Quinn.

    Kate Quinn and Rosalie Gelderman are beloved volunteers in the McCauley community. Both women have worked tirelessly over the past years (nearly 40!) to be positive forces and help improve living conditions for themselves and others. Kate and Rosalie have both been continuous volunteers for Boyle McCauley News and throughout the years have had numerous roles with the paper, including sitting on the board, putting the paper together, typesetting, proofreading, writing articles, and delivering the papers. Rosalie is also the paper’s bookkeeper.

    Both women have also dedicated years of service on the McCauley Community League Board, where they first met. Along with working to ensure the continuity of the newspaper for our neighbourhood, they also studied the issue of sex trade workers in McCauley and lobbied City Hall. Their work led to the development of the John School which taught “johns” that their exploitation of women was not a victimless crime, and the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation, for which Kate continues to serve as Executive Director.