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McCauley Historical Booklets

These are PDF downloads of the booklets available in the McCauley Historical Booklets series. They were produced with the support of McCauley Revitalization/City of Edmonton.

Note: these booklets were published between 2013-2019 and as a result some of the information in them may not be current. However, these booklets stand as a historical record of McCauley and some of the area's diverse communities. 


  • Little Italy: A Place of History and Culture in McCauley

    By Adriana Davies. Cultural Consultant: Teresa Spinelli. Editing and Photography: Paula E. Kirman.

    An overview of the history of McCauley’s Little Italy area, to the present day. The booklet includes sections on Murals, Notable Citizens, Locations, and Gardens, as well as a walking map.

    Download PDF

  • McCauley Then and Now

    By Gary Garrison and Sara Coumantarakis. Photographs by Alistair Henning. Edited by Paula E. Kirman.

    This book’s purpose is to make the history of one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods more accessible to its residents and visitors. It includes three walking tours that can be done separately or as one long walk.

    Download PDF

  • Indigenous McCauley

    By Marilyn Dumont. Edited and photographed by Paula E. Kirman.

    A history and contemporary overview of First Nations and Métis life in the McCauley neighbourhood.

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  • The Churches of Edmonton’s Church Street

    By Shannon Brennan, Sara Coumantarakis, and Gary Garrison. Photography by Shannon Brennan, Adrian Cruces, and Paula E. Kirman. Edited by Paula E. Kirman.

    Could there be a more appropriate name than Edmonton’s Church Street? Along a five-block stretch of 96 Street, there is perhaps the greatest concentration of churches in Canadian history, with more than a dozen still standing.

    Download PDF

  • Chinatown: A Cultural Dynasty in McCauley

    By Gary Garrison. Editing and photography by Paula E. Kirman. Cultural Consultant: Lan Chan Marples.

    This booklet is an introduction to the area north of downtown Edmonton known as Chinatown (唐人街) or, in some circles, North Chinatown. In it, you will find descriptions of what is in the various corners of the district, cultural and historical information, and profiles of people who have lived and worked here.

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