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A Family for the Future

The Keim kids. Rachel Keim

Youth are the voices of the future. I just have to look out my front door to feel confident of that. Our cooperative (Artspace) is made up of a diverse community. The children of our president Dr. Charles (Chuck) Keim and his wife Rachel (a nurse), exemplify compassion, understanding, and bring role models.

The siblings Hannah, Aden, Levi, and Elli (ranging in ages from 8 to 14) are very diverse in their interests and ambitions. Hannah attends a French immersion school and has her sights set on the Arts or teaching. She actively participates in volunteer activities at the YMCA as a camp counselor, has completed babysitting certification courses, and has received the bronze medallion and cross in swimming/lifesaving exercises. Before living in our community, she was actually a Boy Scout as the community she resided in did not have the Girl Guides program! She also was vocal and advocated for her rights and those of other youths when her school was in fear of closure.

Aden has his sights on the business world for his future and wishes to manage a professional sports team. Levi is an avid swimmer and is visible outdoors walking the family’s beloved dog Kali and has even assisted me with my parcels when I am overloaded!

That brings me to the fearless Elli. I have no doubt I will see her on an Olympic Podium as she excels at diving at age 8! She has no qualms about diving off the 10 metre board!

All of the kids take piano lessons from a resident of our community who has a disability. They hold family and community values very dearly, reserving as much time as they can to family activities whether it is a family swim day, dog walk, or cultural event.

Hannah expresses to me that better ways of life, fairness, and equal opportunities for all are very important to her and her siblings.

These youth always jump to help. Hannah is actually my designated dog walker when I travel. When I questioned Hannah on her opinion of the diversity of this community, she simply grinned and replied, “I think it’s cool!”

Well done Chuck and Rachel! From the community and the community of the future: THANKS!

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