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A Fun and Safe Halloween Party

Taro Hashimoto

It was a beautiful day out for the 25th Annual Inner City Children’s Safe Halloween Party on October 31st. Thirty-five children participated in carnival games for tickets to get candy. There was a fire pit for people to stay warm courtesy of Viva Italia, as well as burgers and hot chocolate.

I would like to thank the following people for helping to make the party a great success:
  • Lily Mounma: Thank you for looking after the COVID-19 part of the party.
  • Ruth Alexandra Sorochan: Thank you for the Facebook promotion.
  • Taro Hashimoto: Thank you for the design of the poster and checking to make sure I was not overwhelmed.
  • David Prodan and e4c: You went all out for us. Thank you for making our flyers and posters, and for all the PPE stuff.
  • Mike Siek: The music was great.
  • Terry and Cindy: Thank you for the use of your big truck to bring in the wood and other things.
  • Thank you also to Rebecca Kaiser and the Inner City Rec volunteers, and McCauley Apartments, especially Chris Leclair and Trina Segalbaum.

For donations, thank you: McCauley Community League, Tyson Reaney, Forsaken Souls RC, C-Ment Concrete Services, Boyle McCauley Dynalife Medical Lab. Boyle McCauley Dental Clinic, Momma and Poppa Bear, King Ring Nancy, Sandra Mackenzie (your special donation made me cry), Carol Sayer, Sandra Bear, Dee Conley, and Beth and Joe.

A special thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered to set up and look after the different stations. Without you, there would have been no games for the children. Thank you for making the 25th annual Halloween party a very special event.

See you all next year!

Shelley lives in McCauley.

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