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A Labour of Love

Maintenance of McCauley Community Rink is a volunteer effort this season.

Dan Glugosh at the McCauley Community Rink. Leif Gregersen

McCauley resident Dan Glugosh is devoting his time to managing our local rink on a volunteer basis this skating season. Dan, who is off work from his regular job due to the pandemic, has invested over 200 hours of his time to the rink between November 18th and the end of December (when this article is being written).

This year, because of the pandemic, it has been no easy feat to keep the rink going. The KIDS organization was unable to help with staffing needs as they have done in past years. As a result, ice maintenance, snow removal, and the general management of the rink are all unpaid work. But this is the work Dan loves. As well, thanks goes to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation for a $5,000 donation, which will be used for water, power, and equipment to help keep the rink operating. A huge thanks also goes out to the McCauley Community League for all of their hard work behind the scenes to get the rink opened for the season. Another thank you goes to the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) for working with AHS and guiding the community leagues who have opened their rinks so that all protocols could be in place.

When I stopped by the rink, I saw Dan working hard as usual. He is always ready to flood the ice when needed, to remove snow, to be around in case first aid is needed, and to give pointers and guidance to any of the kids who come to skate – all while being a great hockey dad for his two sons who both use and help out at the rink when they can. Dan also manages the trailer where all the skates and equipment have to be cleaned and organized, although the trailer is currently closed due to COVID-19.

Dan is known not just for his dedication to community and family recreation, but also for his posts on Facebook in which he offers to help out any senior or other person in need of walk shovelling, grocery shopping, or other help. Through all this volunteerism, Dan finds joy in giving. Indeed, volunteerism is part of the true spirit of McCauley.

If anyone would like to help out as a volunteer, you can contact Dan directly at

_Leif lives in McCauley. You can learn more about him and his work at

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