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A New Direction for the MCL

Annual General Meeting results in a complete turnover for the McCauley Community League Board

A packed room for the MCL AGM on March 23. Bernard Soberg

March 23 brought an almost complete change to the Board of Directors of the McCauley Community League (MCL). At the MCL’s AGM, all of the eleven available seats on the Board were filled by “new direction” people. This “new direction” group had worked for a number of months leading up to the meeting, campaigning for a “new direction” for the League Board, one they emphasized would be inclusive, transparent, collaborative, and accountable.
The meeting was originally scheduled for March 20, but later rescheduled for 10 a.m. on March 23, a Sunday morning. This change of date and time was explained by the former MCL board as accommodating a few of their work schedules. However, this date change was seen by some as a controversial move, as a number of people on the “new direction” slate are clergy.
Also adding to the controversy was the involvement of the Edmonton and District Labour Council (EDLC). Several days prior to the meeting, other media reported that the EDLC contacted the heads of its union locals to contact their members living in McCauley to encourage them to get memberships and vote. This was in response to the stance the MCL board had taken on having the EDLC’s annual Labour Day barbecue for the unemployed and underemployed moved from Caboto Park. The board’s move was in response to concerns that the event brings disorder to the park and surrounding residential areas. The EDLC has sponsored this event since 1989. 
With 165 people in attendance, the meeting at the Commonwealth Rec Centre was standing room only. On hand to help were representatives from the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) as well as a mediator who was independent and hired by the MCL. City and EFCL representatives later commented that they had never before seen so many people at a community league AGM.
Although tensions were high over issues such as the lack of a soccer director for the 2014 season and ongoing debate over control of the McCauley Rink, discussions went smoothly. Also on the agenda was a discussion concerning the spatial concentration of poverty. A motion was passed to table this to another meeting so that those with expertise on this issue could also attend.
However, it was the election that was the main event of the day. Eleven positions were up for election. The “new direction” slate won all 11 available board positions by a significant number of votes. None of the five incumbents (Nicholas Hermansen, Rob Stack, Sophy Yeung, Corrine McKell, and Les Fraser) who were running were re-elected.

Community members can connect with the new MCL on Facebook:
The new members of the MCL board are:
Michael Van Boom – President (Co-Chair)
Dan Glugosh – Vice President (Co-Chair)
Shauna Forsyth – Treasurer
Randy Loewen – Secretary
Phil O’Hara
Rosalie Gelderman
Fr. Jim Holland
Grace Kuipers
Alexandria Felicitas
Megan Heather
Peter Mawson

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