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A Place in the Making: McCauley Development

As part of its commitment to end poverty in Edmonton, the City has provided a series of lots along 95 Street near 106 Avenue (the Paskins Site) to the Edmonton Community Development Company, a non-profit organization. The Edmonton Community Development Society seeks development ideas from community members before building. While we heard that McCauley has “been consulted to death,” we want to stay true to our principle of community engagement and deliver results aligned with community needs and priorities.

We recruited a few residents and business people in McCauley to join the McCauley Concept Development Team. Over the next couple of months, the team will create 3-4 sketches that the Edmonton CDC will present to residents and business people in McCauley for their feedback. Based on what the team learns through this process, a final concept will be created and shared with the community in June or July of 2019 to gauge support for the design. Pros and cons of each sketch will be included.

Presuming the concept is finalized in July, the next steps may include a rezoning application, as well as development permit and building permit applications. Concurrently, the Edmonton CDC will be seeking financing for the development. We will keep you posted as the creative minds of the McCauley Concept Development Team generate ideas about what to build on these empty lots.
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_Karen is the Director Neighbourhood Development for the Edmonton Community Development Company and can be emailed at

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