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A Place of Love: Historic Landmark Becoming Transitional Housing for Women

Stovel Block. Leif Gregersen

A heritage building in the Boyle Street area is being converted into transitional housing for people who identity as women, and who are struggling with poverty and lack of housing.

The Stovel Block at 10327 97th Street was built in the early 1900s. In 2019 it became a designated historic site by the City of Edmonton. In early March, it was purchased by the real estate firm Gather Co., which signed a lease with Boyle Street Community Services to repurpose the building into this new housing initiative.

The City of Edmonton has provided $645,000 in grant funding to go towards the rehabilitation of the building’s historical elements. The full restoration was covered by Gather Co, at a cost of around $1,356,000.

Elder Rose Wabasca led a pipe and smudging ceremony in March, and afterwards gave Stovel Block a Cree name: Sakhita Kikinaw, which roughly translates to a house or place of love.

The building has 30 individual suites and a common kitchen space. The women residing in the building will transition to long-term housing.

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