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A Summer Philosophy

Judging from a number of conversations and news items posted on social media, a lot of people are wondering what is up with 2016. There has been a parade of deaths of actors, musicians, and, most recently, sports icons.

Here in day to day life, the year is also turning out to be a difficult one for many, with the loss of loved ones and the blow of serious health crises. Maybe these are things that happen all the time around us, but I am finding as the years go by, I am noticing it more and more.

What does this have to do with summer? A lot, actually. Summer can be a time of fun and carefree frolic. In our western Prairie climate, it is also short and fleeting. Kind of like life, sometimes.

Summer comes every year. We take it for granted. Maybe we are putting things off that we want to do one year, because we think we’ll have the chance again on the earth’s next rotation around the sun. However, some of us may not get that chance, or get the chance with the person with whom we would like to do whatever our plans were.

Summer is a time to really let loose because the heat and sunshine influences us to let our guards down and feel free. Why wait for summer? Although you won’t find me strolling through Little Italy in a tank top in December, the weather should not dictate how authentically we live our lives.

Treat every day like summer. Grab it by its reins and never let go. After all, fall is always around the corner, and then it is time for winter to rear its head.

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