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A Welcoming New Restaurant in Chinatown

The buffet at Namaste India. Charity Slobod

Namaste India
10023 107 Avenue
(780) 540-0100

A new warm place has sprung up in Chinatown. The ambiance, staff, and most of all the food, will heat you to the core! Namaste India (10023 107 Ave) had its grand opening night on November 10 and with the red ribbon cutting ceremony, its doors are now open and its full experience will delight the senses.

If you love East Indian food such as naan bread, channa masala, fish and vegetable pakoras, and the classic favourite – butter chicken – then you are in luck. You can also get your daily dose of healthy salads, fruits, and vegetables (your parents will be pleased)! You are encouraged to enjoy choice upon choice with the amazingly stocked buffet as the staff practices their restaurant’s name, Namaste. Signifying a respectful traditional greeting, you truly feel welcomed and invited to return many times over. Warm food, people, and places have that wonderful type of appeal!

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