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A World Created by Love

A heart woven on the fence at the McCauley Community Rink. Paula E. Kirman

It’s February. Fluffy snow is falling outside the windows, like a white angel who covers the world with its wings.

Each year, on the fourteenth day of February, we celebrate the wondrous holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, beauty, romance, as well as tenderness. The name of the holiday comes from a priest named Father Valentine, who secretly wed young couples. On this day, people give gifts to each other. Gifts such as flowers, sweets, and greeting cards called “valentines.”

Through frost, snow, and wind fly the red-breasted birds of the winter: the valentines. They fly like small sparks of a big fire of love. Those small hearts are like parts of a one heart, which fly in a hurry to give the kindest and tender words to our loved ones.

God is love. Love is a feeling that surrounds us from our very childhood, and thanks to love we come into this world. It makes our lives better and more colourful. Each day, our parents, with their love, devote their whole selves to see the smile on their children’s faces.

We look at the world through the windows of our souls, and those windows are our feelings. At times, we just want to stop the fast pace of life for a moment and pay attention to people. To give them a smile, or to say words which will put a smile upon their faces – words that will make their eyes be filled with joy, and their hearts melt.

Like a bird without the skies, or a child without miracles, a human cannot exist without love. It is wonderful that there are people to whom it does not matter where you come from, and what you look like, but they simply love you for who you are.

Love is like a river whose streams never run dry. There is no person who does not deserve to be loved. Love is something that we can never give or receive enough of. It is one of the most beautiful and powerful feelings on the planet, and the best thing that can happen to us. The more love you gift to others, the more love is being revived within you. Love is the feeling that unites all people. Without it the world would cease to exist.

Natanel Krieksfeld is a grade nine student at Genesis Online Catholic Junior High School.

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