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About Market Drugs Medical

Market Drugs Medical. Leif Gregersen

Pharmacist James Wu has worked at Market Drugs (10207 97th Street) throughout his four-decade-long career (see story here.). He says his job has given him insights into the McCauley, Boyle Street, and downtown communities. The store served people with methadone prescriptions, but also luminaries (former mayor and MLA Laurence Decore was a customer). And, in between, are the people who represent the diversity of McCauley: artists, entrepreneurs, seniors, social workers, recent and long-time immigrants, and many more.

Market Drugs, established in 1965 by Borys Ferbey and later operated by his son Mark, has always thrived and grown. When Wu first started working there, the business attracted a lot of customers of the former downtown farmers market next door (hence the name), as well as the W.W. Arcade hardware store and the Army & Navy department store. Under Mark’s management, it became a niche medical specialty store as well as a very busy pharmacy.  

Market Drugs Medical has supported Boyle McCauley News for many years by placing an ad in every issue. Market Drugs, The Italian Centre Shop, and the Italian Bakery were recognized at the paper’s 40th anniversary gala in 2019 as the three businesses that had advertised in the paper for the full 40 years.

Anita Jenkins is a retired writer and editor who lives in Boyle Street.

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