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An Extensive Menu of Comfort Food

Viet Huong Noodle House features a welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices.

A table of food at Viet Huong. Alan Schietzsch

Viet Huong Noodle House
10715 98th Street
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Tuesday through Sunday
Phone: (780) 424-9910

Edmontonians often think of only 97th Street as being “Chinatown”, but Boyle Street and McCauley residents know that there are plenty of interesting places to eat clustered just a block west on 98th Street. While there are some new or renewed ones, such as Van Loc and Delicious Pho which we mentioned in previous issues, there are also some old school places that have built a steady clientele over many years.

One such original restaurant that I’ve been returning to is Viet Huong Noodle House, just south of 107th Avenue at 10715 98th Street. Relaxed and homey, Viet Huong is hidden in plain sight. Due to recent construction works in front, you might not immediately see it, but parking is available just a little further along, and rear parking will still be accessible.

Inside is a fairly large space with all sizes of tables in ebony-coloured wood, as well as a TV and an aquarium. On the left you’ll see an ATM and BitCoin machine, which is handy because it’s cash-only, as many small restaurants are. Fridays and weekends are their busiest times (even for Vietnamese breakfast or a leisurely and social Sunday afternoon), but it’s never crowded. I find it’s a wonderful home-like spot where you can enjoy long uncrowded conversations with no rush at all. When I say “home-like,” that compliment applies not only to the atmosphere, but also to the hospitality and flavours.

The owner is very friendly and welcoming, treating guests like family, with warmth and relaxed respect. When I spilled my tea all over the table, he was quick to wipe it up for us. While I was embarrassed at my clumsy mess, he was not at all upset, instead caring and only wanting to make it clean and comfortable for us again.

Comfortable is the theme here. I’d certainly call the cuisine Vietnamese comfort food.

We started with spring rolls, which were small and crispy, the filling having a contrasting creaminess. We couldn’t figure out what created the texture, but we enjoyed how it felt  similar to the way that cream cheese or mashed potatoes are comforting. I also ordered a green onion cake, and it arrived perfectly golden. With a sweet hot chill sauce on the side it was ideal during the recent cold weather.

The menu is quite extensive, especially for soups, so we chose Thai Noodle Soup with Seafood (Sour & Spicy), as there’s more than just Vietnamese. The fish balls were plentiful, as were fine noodles covered by a fish-based broth with red chili oil shimmering above. We also tried seafood pho for a non-spicy alternative. It had just the right amount of sea-saltiness, as well as some sorrel or gai lan for a green touch next to the shrimp. Next up was Beef Fried in Lemongrass with Spring Rolls and Vermicelli. This combination of tangy grilled meat, crispy salad, and noodles makes a terrific one-person meal, as you get everything in one big bowl. 

And finally (followed by endless tea), for another hearty and complete meal in itself was the rice plate with a fried egg and pork prepared three ways: shredded, grilled, and as a patty, accompanied by plenty of green scallions.

Prices are very reasonable, with most items being $16 or less. A very relaxing and friendly spot indeed!

Alan lives in McCauley. He is the Chair of the paper’s Board of Directors.


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