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An Update from City Council

Hello! As the proud City Councillor for Boyle Street and McCauley, I’m pleased to share a few updates with you. From addressing challenges to creating fun, here are some of the projects the City is undertaking in your neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Renewal
Both Boyle Street and McCauley will be going through Neighbourhood Renewal, including reconstruction of sidewalks and roads. Construction is starting this spring in specific parts of the neighbourhoods and will be phased over three years. Search “Boyle Street McCauley Neighbourhood Renewal” for the website and feel free to reach out to the Project Manager, Donny Fung at or 780-496-4055 with any questions or to get more information.

As the Councillor for Ward O-day’min and resident of Oliver, I’m aware of the continuing challenges posed by encampments.

Council approved an Enhanced Encampment Strategy focusing on two outcomes: rapid access to housing for those in encampments and minimising safety risks. A number of new strategies are being taken to meet these goals, including:

  1. An active priority list that will work to move 100 people living in encampments into housing this summer.
  2. Prototype projects aimed at improving the cleanliness and fire safety of encampments to reduce the most immediate risks and impacts to neighbours.
  3. A new community liaison, providing follow up information to let you know what actions have been taken and what you can expect to see after an encampment has been reported to 311.

While I’m hopeful these enhanced approaches will alleviate some pressures, housing is the only true solution to encampments. My Council colleagues and I continue to stay focused on securing the housing our community needs to ensure every Edmontonian has a place to call home.

Healthy Streets Operations Centre
The Healthy Streets Operations Centre (HSOC) in McCauley is a collaboration between numerous agencies. It provides a visible safety presence, engages with the community, and proactively addresses public safety issues in portions of central Edmonton communities. If you have any questions about the centre, you can connect with the HSOC Project Manager, Dallas Dyson, at

Summer Fun!
The Green Shack program is back this summer! Starting in July, kids can drop by to enjoy fun and free activities, including games, sports, crafts, music, drama and special events.

Boyle Street (in partnership with the YMCA), Neighbourhood Playspace at Boyle Plaza:
Tuesday July 4- Thursday August 24, 2023, 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

McCauley, Giovanni Caboto Park:
Tuesday July 4- Thursday August 24, 2023, 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

*In Closing *
If you’d like to stay up to date, please sign up for my newsletter at or follow my social media accounts. You can reach out anytime at or 780-496-8333.

I’m also looking forward to spending time enjoying Boyle Street and McCauley this summer (especially my daughter’s favourite parks at Boyle Street Plaza and Giovanni Caboto!) so please be sure to say hello if we cross paths!

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