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As the Paper Pivots

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of businesses and organizations. Boyle McCauley News has also had to pivot (one of the new pandemic buzzwords) in these challenging times.

As a non-profit community newspaper, we rely on both advertising and fundraising. Our planned raffle this year was cancelled due to a lack of events at which to sell tickets, which is also hard to do while socially distancing. As well, our casino has been postponed indefinitely.

As a result, the paper’s board has had to make some major budget changes for our new fiscal year. This includes discontinuing the Canada Post mail-out to Boyle Street. If you live in Boyle Street, know that we still value you as readers. We are in the process of putting more newspaper boxes in the area (in addition to our existing one at Boyle Street Plaza). We hope to have one outside the Farmers Market, as well as several along Jasper Avenue.

If you want papers dropped off at your building, see page 11 about how you can volunteer as an Apartment Ambassador or Condo Connector. If you live in a house and would like to deliver to your street, we can arrange that too.

We are also looking for more Block Carriers in McCauley. The mail-out overlapped with some blocks in the area, so we have a bunch of new routes, as well as established ones needing new carriers. Contact me at for more information.

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