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Be Gentle with Seniors

Commemorating World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

I am a local senior, and I remember that when my mother was very elderly, she came to visit us. One day as I was helping her walk up a few stairs, she stumbled a bit and I grabbed her arm to keep her from falling. The next day she had quite a bruise from where I grabbed her.

A social worker came to visit us, and she asked me about the bruise on my mother’s arm. I told her about mother stumbling on the stairs, and my grabbing her arm. That moment made me realize how serious bruises are and how easily they can happen, and that made an impression on me.

Now I am a senior. As I was walking my dogs one day a couple of months ago, a cat ran by and my dogs thought it was a great game. They pulled me right off of my feet to run after the cat. I fell with a huge thud on the grass boulevard. I ended up with huge bruises on my shoulders and leg, and spent four hours at Emergency. Even a minor fall can cause serious bruising and injury to seniors. So be very careful. Even just holding the arm of a senior, we can bruise easily and the bruises can indicate serious blood loss and other health issues.

June 15th was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Joanne McNeal lives in McCauley.

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