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Be Kind to Yourself

Kindness is a value that is taught to everyone, and which most people would say they hold in high esteem. Being kind to others is something we are supposed to do. It’s moral, it’s correct, and it is part of what makes a person good and decent.

Often, kindness can be conveyed in simple acts, like picking something up that someone else has dropped, or holding open a door for another person. Kindness and generosity often go hand-in-hand, through the donation of goods or money to worthy causes, or taking the time to volunteer.

However, kindness can sometimes be delivered in a less likely package. For example, learning how to set good personal boundaries and when to say no to the requests of others can be one of the kindest things a person can do for themself and for others.

In fact, when we talk about kindness, we often discuss acts of kindness towards others, and not to ourselves. Yet being kind to ourselves is important for our physical and mental health. Learning how to get rid of negative self-talk and replacing those inner tapes with positive affirmations is one way to express kindness to yourself. We are told to say kind things to each other, but not as much to say kind things to ourselves.

Another way to be kind to yourself is by avoiding people who bring you down, and filling your social circle with people who lift each other up. Negativity tends to be contagious. So is happiness. And so is kindness, because your actions might inspire others to be kind as well.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

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