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Be Nice - Clear the Ice!

A dangerous sidewalk in McCauley. Joanne McNeal

The City of Edmonton’s Community Standards Bylaw 14600, Section 7, requires all property owners to clear all snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to properties they own or occupy as soon as possible after a snowfall ends. They say that means down to the bare concrete. We need to do this so other people can walk SAFELY on the walks in front of our houses. Sometimes it is not easy, with the repeated snow, freezing rain, and thawing which turns to ice. Areas below downspouts are the worst, as the ice builds up.

Several products can help get the snow and ice removed: salt, sand, small rocks, gravel, or mixtures of these, in addition to shovelling or pushing it aside. Free sand is available at the McCauley Rink.

As a dog-walker I am terrified of falling on some of our sidewalks that are covered in ice and/or snow. Some residents pay someone to blow the snow away, but that does not work with ice. The whole purpose of clearing the snow is so people can walk safely on our sidewalks. So please do your part and clear the ice from the sidewalk in front of your home. Thank you for keeping your walks safe.

Property owners who are not compliant with keeping our sidewalks safe and free from ice and snow can receive a $100 fine, as well as the costs for the City Contractor to clear the sidewalks. A huge thanks to those who do keep their walks clear. It is really appreciated by those that walk our neighbourhood daily. Thank you.

Joanne McNeal is a senior in McCauley who is a daily dog walker.

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