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Becoming a Helper

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”- Dalai Lama

I will never forget the people who helped me through my journey of recovery to independence after a life-changing setback.

Some of the key people were family, especially my big sister Yvette, who made sure I was receiving the best medical care deserving of anyone in my situation. They went above and beyond researching, contacting specialists, and making sure I, (while incapacitated at the time), was taken very well care of. That took hours of time, strength, and, I’m sure, heartache, but with Yvette, this is her character. She would do this for anyone.

The amazing staff at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital worked with me, not for me, working on my strengths and not setting me up for failure and disappointment to regain independence. The orchestrator of the team was the amazing Dr. Julianna Nagy and the standout team of therapists, especially my occupational therapist Quentin Ranson, who quickly became a friend, and is a mentor still to this day.

After my release from the Glenrose, a Supports for Community Living worker Karen Kermath made my transition into independent life not a task, but truly a career I now follow. She is an advocate, a helper, and a voice for the vulnerable.

These selfless individuals taught me to help, not harm, without being patronizing and accepting people for who they are. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling, then things seem to fall into place.

When I was the recipient of the third annual Glenrose Award of Courage, I considered it an honour but also a responsibility to help others, and knew it was a team effort from the help I received from these individuals. I continually advocate by volunteering on many boards to advise and share ideas on how every human is acceptable and can lead a quality life.

I know my life could have had a different outcome if it were not for these “helpers,” so I made it my duty to become one of them! Now, through the grace of the wonderful staff of this paper I can share solutions, ideas, and quotes to a wider audience!

Every person is a unique puzzle and with people who help you, the pieces fit together very well!

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