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Boyle McCauley News Editor an Expert at Working From Home

COVID-19 caused thousands of workers to leave their offices and begin working at home. They struggled with the change. “How do I maintain a routine?” they asked. “How do I avoid the temptation to spend the day in pyjamas, and how do I cope with feeling isolated?”

Paula Kirman, editor of Boyle McCauley News, has never lived the 9 to 5 office life. So when Edmonton Journal reporter Tom Murray contacted her, Paula was ready and willing to offer advice. As just one example, “Set boundaries with the people in your life. Between this hour and this hour, I’m working.”

The story, published on March 21, included a large photo of Paula in her doorway, holding her laptop, and wearing her uniform of a plaid shirt and jeans. Why in the doorway? She and the photographer, Shaughn Butts, agreed that he should not come into her house and that they should maintain social distance.

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