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Boyle McCauley News Needs Block Carriers

Hello community members! If you are interested in becoming a Block Carrier, we have a number of routes available in McCauley. Most routes take 30-45 minutes, papers are dropped off at your home, and we provide all information and instructions. Volunteers are acknowledged in the paper and are invited to our volunteer appreciation events (once we can start having them again!).

If you are interested in any of the routes below, contact


Route 1:

West: 98 St
East: 97 St.
North: 110 Ave.
South: 107A Ave.
Only west side of 98 St.
100 papers

Route 2:

West: 101 St.
East: 101 St.
North: 111 Ave.
South: 106 Ave.
50 papers

Route 3:

West: 97 St.
East: 97 St.
North: 107 Ave.
South 105 Ave.
One copy to businesses (except Lucky 97, where we drop off papers separately)
50 papers

Updated October 27, 2021

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