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Boyle Street / McCauley Neighbourhood Launch

Beginning in late July / early August you will see some activity in Boyle Street and McCauley as we prepare for Neighbourhood Renewal in your area.

Neighbourhood Renewal is part of the City’s Building Great Neighbourhoods and Open Spaces (BGNOS) Branch. Through the program, roads, sidewalks, street lights and park spaces in mature neighbourhoods are renewed and rebuilt, opportunities to improve other areas including bike connections and green spaces are explored, and mitigation for issues such as speeding and shortcutting are considered. Planning for renewal in Boyle Street and McCauley, including
engagement with residents and stakeholders, is about to get underway, with construction scheduled for 2023.

In preparation for the planning and design phase of the renewal, activities are beginning, including:

  • Lidar 3D imaging – You may see a Nektar 3D truck in the neighbourhood picking up information about road widths, curb locations, boulevard tree locations and sidewalk details. You may also notice markings on the roads at intersections – some look like a large V – these are used to support the imaging.
  • Utility location – Paint markings will start appearing on the roads, and flags of different colours will be placed showing the location of underground utilities. During this time, you will see the following vehicles: EPCOR, Telus, Tierra Geomatics and Thurber.
  • Preliminary survey – Thurber’s friendly staff will record and measure the distresses (cracks, ruts, potholes) in the pavement.
  • Pavement testing – JR Paine will be onsite to collect pavement and subgrade strength properties. The truck/equipment stops every 25 meters, applies a weight to the pavement and records the deflection of the pavement. Each test takes about five minutes. Thurber will also be collecting pavement thicknesses – this mobile test has a collection speed of 20 km per hour.
  • Pavement drilling – You may see “no parking” signs installed at select locations the day before drilling/coring. The closure will be for a single lane only and about 20 m long to accommodate a Mobile Auger drill rig and a Thurber truck. The closure may take about 45 minutes for each location and during this time, please stay away from the drill rig for your safety.

Working together to make the most of your neighbourhood

Our team will be working with residents, property owners and stakeholders in the neighbourhoods of Boyle Street and McCauley over the next three years to understand your needs and desires for this renewal as part of the input process to shape the future neighbourhood.

We know some great work has already been conducted in these neighbourhoods that we would like to use as a starting point, where relevant, for our project and discussion. We will be reaching out to stakeholder organizations in the coming weeks to share more details on our project and discuss how we might learn from the work conducted previously and how we might cooperate/collaborate moving forward to the benefit of all.

This is your city and your neighbourhood. We want to understand how you experience your neighbourhood and ask for your input on what we might do to make it better. We will engage and work with you on the renewal of roads, sidewalks, street lights and park spaces and promote other community opportunities to enhance how people live and interact in Boyle Street and McCauley. We commit to being open and transparent about how your input is used. Let’s make the most out of your neighbourhood.

For more information, please contact:
Becky Redford at 780.496.4887 or
Leanne Janke at 780.914.4543 or
Chase Gingles at 780.996.4372 or

Information provided by the City of Edmonton.

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