“CC” Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness often take us out of the way. They involve effort and sometimes are uncomfortable and/or costly. Many times an act of kindness can be done through an email. An actual letter or card is preferred, but in this busy, fast-paced world, an email can make a difference. I am on several boards and with one in particular we are busy preparing for an unveiling of a memorial ceremony for four children who did not survive residential school.

We need meeting space for our meetings and one person in our group has done an outstanding job, so I decided to “CC” her: compliment and commendation. I went out of my way to find out who her boss was, and sent an email commending both her and the place for hosting us. I cc’ed our board at the same time. “…Working with us is Hayley Christen, FNMI Learning Services. This letter is to commend Hayley’s work, attitude and enthusiasm for the support she is giving the society. She is thoughtful, thorough, and innovative. Thank you for the support you lend through her hands.”

The email had a huge impact on Haley. “…Thank you Sharon for your very kind words. I am very humbled reading this email. I am also honoured to have the opportunity to work with the Remembering the Children Society and to provide support for the work the Society is doing.”

Her boss was also supportive. “Good morning, Sharon. Thank you so much for your kind email! Hayley is a passionate advocate for her work with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students, and is doing great work in our school and community to increase understanding in a variety of areas. Our recent Flag Raising Ceremony was a success, and we are proud to build relationships with our community. Thank you for your words of recognition and for taking the time to reach out to Red Deer Public. Best of luck in your work with the Remembering the Children Society!”

The email also had an impact on some board members. “A wonderful gift of friendship and appreciation for all Hayley does for the Society.” “Fantastic to see the well-placed appreciation for the wonderful Haley. Sharon, thank you for taking the time to appreciate someone who works so hard and is genuinely kind and caring.” “That is a very nice note. Thank you for writing it on behalf of the Society.”

Everyone needs affirmation, even if it is in an email… it can always be read again when a gift of encouragement is needed. Flowers or a gift can always be sent later.

Sharon lives in Boyle Street.

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