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Changes to AISH: A Letter to the Premier

When I found out about the changes being made to AISH, I was devastated.

I can easily get job experience, but cannot keep a job because employers find out that I take medication or that I am mentally ill.

Employers are not educated enough about mental illness so they fire me. When I work, I get very tired and it triggers my mental illness worse.
And when I get fired that makes me even more worse.

It makes me very very exhausted. It is so bad, I can’t concentrate enough.

Once again, the employers will find out that I have a mental illness as I would need to have to “medication” breaks or go to my regular doctor or psychiatric appointments. Eventually, I will get fired. Without AISH supporting me financially, I cannot live.

It’s so frustrating having these problems and I look for ways to cope, and it leads to worse decisions that add to my problems, and makes me despair so much. It affects my eating, sleeping, and drug use to cope. And that in its own creates a whole new list of problems. So tell, what are you doing now to us? You are creating more devastating issues to our minds which leave us in panic, despair, and confusion. You are the ones that are out of your mind, huh?

And just lately, I had an even worse diagnosis added to my long list of illnesses.

I don’t have enough paper and ink to write to express my feelings toward your new measures.


Rocky lives in McCauley.

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