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Changing Together Formally Resumes Healing Circle Program

A yoga class at Changing Together. Supplied  

Many years after Changing Together had to suspend one of its important and essential programs due to lack of space and of volunteer facilitators, we are happy to announce that we have finally resumed Healing Circle activities at the Centre that presently include yoga, meditation, and Zumba classes. Future activities will include classes in healthy eating and cooking, art (visual and musical), and sacred communal prayer.

Especially for our clients who have suffered family violence and/or were victims of human trafficking, the Centre’s Healing Circle has been a powerful tool in the development and practice of listening, sharing, and finding meaning in grief, challenges, tears, laughter, and joy. The healing circle offers a safe and accepting space where they can find healing and support in their suffering, and discover personal and unique ways of gaining or re-gaining strength, energy, and transformation. They learn to trust and treat one another with kindness, respect, and understanding, and every story shared is held in confidence.

This year, Changing Together reopens the spiritual center of its healing circle in memory of a young girl and silent supporter of Changing Together, Carling Filewich, who sadly passed away one year ago in April. It is our hope that any woman, regardless of age, religious, cultural, and ethnic background who needs support in her time of distress and pain will find her way to the Centre and experience healing.

For more information on this program, please contact us at (780) 421-0175 or email us at

)Information provided by Changing Together._

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