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Community Safety Concerns Trigger Push for Action

Safety meeting October 18 at 7 p.m.

Growing concerns by residents and local businesses about safety in McCauley is prompting a push for decisive action.

On August 24, Councillor Scott McKeen organized a meeting of people from interested groups, facilitated by REACH Edmonton, to explore what can be done now, who is responsible, and a timeline. Many of the ideas raised were intended to address concerns about activities outside the La Dolce Vita Café and around the entrance to Giovanni Caboto Park.

For example, the Viva Italia Business Association is urging that lights in the park be fixed right away (it’s been requesting this for two years!). As well, the association wants “a game plan for the removal of those licenses VLT and ‘negative activity generating’ facilities from the corner of our children’s park.”

The McCauley Community League called on REACH to help residents, businesses, and external groups, like the police and City of Edmonton, better coordinate their efforts to increase the level of safety in our neighbourhood. Too often these groups are working on their own without talking to each other.

In a follow up email, REACH has committed to help the neighbourhood work together on addressing our common concerns.

While it is important for interested groups to talk about these issues, the League also wants to ensure McCauley residents are part of the discussion. That’s why the League is organizing a community meeting to hear from you about your concerns and ideas you have about what would make you feel safer in our neighbourhood.

The meeting is on Tuesday, October 18 at 7 p.m. in the basement of Sacred Heart Church, 10821 96 Street.

Watch out for the flyer coming soon to your home!

Phil is President of the McCauley Community League.

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