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Community Sports

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”
- Grantland Rice

We have often heard that quote when it comes to partaking in sports. I find sports at any ability or age can be a teaching experience. Sports can result in not only physical activity, which is beneficial for one’s health, but a sense of teamwork – a concept that can transfer to any future endeavor.

Community sports leagues are a great place to start, whether it is soccer, hockey, or anything that gives children and even adults an outlet to pursue an interest and a healthy recreational activity. Some of the best professional athletes started within sports leagues in their own community.

But what if you have physical limitations? Sports does not have to be limited to those with perfect abilities. By witnessing the 2014 Paralympics, it is amazing what a community of persons with disabilities can achieve.

I’m a firm believer in community supported sports. I myself partook in hockey as a child. My nephews and nieces have become very active in community sports such as soccer and hockey. It gives our young neighbourhood members a healthy outlet, and a sense of teamwork and accomplishment!

Support community sports! Who knows? A child in our midst might be the next Wayne Gretzky or David Beckham!

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