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Cultivate the Millennium

Growing an ancient tree in each community.

Imagine a future Edmonton where community groups tend and celebrate thousand-year-old trees. What would these ancient trees tell us about our past and our responsibility to the future? A group of Edmontonians calling ourselves the Secret LongTree Society have an ambitious plan to answer these questions and make this vision a reality.

More Abundant Futures

What does it mean to be a good ancestor? We have one past, one present, and many potential futures. Unfortunately, our cultural narrative has turned dystopian. From post-apocalyptic blockbusters to 24-hour news coverage, the future feels less certain than ever. Planting thousand-year-old trees challenges our narrative by suggesting that the future could be more abundant.

Join the Secret LongTree Society

Growing ancient trees means growing a community of dedicated, long-term thinkers. What better place to start than planting thousand-year-old trees in each Edmonton community league? Leagues are community-led organizations that often have access to centrally located green spaces, making them a natural fit for the planting and care of neighbourhood trees. That is why we’re searching for interested leagues and reaching out to community members to get involved in the project.

The Secret LongTree Society is a volunteer group of Edmontonians dedicated to propagating, planting, and tending better futures. You can learn more about us, get involved, and steward a LongTree in your community by visiting

Information submitted by the Secret LongTree Society.

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