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December 2016/January 2017

Welcome to the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Boyle McCauley News. This is our annual “Holidays” issue, filled with memories, advice, and opinions about this time of the year.

This is a time of year to look towards the future, and that is exactly what we are doing here at the paper. Although it is still a couple of years away, 2019 will mark 40 years of Boyle McCauley News. This is going to be a huge milestone and we are already thinking of how we may wish to celebrate. One idea is to publish a booklet featuring highlights from the past four decades. Throughout 2019 we will also likely feature past stories that stood out in some way. What have been some of your favourite stories? This doesn’t just mean hard news, but also stories that were funny, featured interesting personalities, or captured the history of the area in a unique way. Submit your suggestions to me at

We’re still looking for people who are handy with a camera to contribute photos from events, or general human interest shots. Drop me a line for more information.

On behalf of the staff and board of BMC News, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. See you in February!

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