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December 2022 - January 2023

It may be getting chilly outside, but our distribution team and block carriers are still making sure the paper makes it to your doors. We still have a couple of routes up for grabs. Contact me for more information at

If you are one of our readers who picks up their paper at one of our five newspaper boxes, we know that our boxes have been in need of a little love and attention. We are pleased to announce that David Williamson (known to many as “Rickshaw Dave”) is our new Newspaper Box Technician. David will do his best to ensure the boxes are clean and functional.

If you live in McCauley or Boyle Street and enjoy Boyle McCauley News, consider becoming a member of the Boyle Street McCauley Community Newspaper Society, the non-profit organization that publishes the paper. Members build our numbers and receive occasional updates. You can apply for a free membership at

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Enjoy this issue – and stay warm!

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