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Delicious, Nutritious, Wonderful Food

We need food to live. Good food helps us live longer and combat illness to maintain proper health.

Some may think eating well comes with a price. That does not have to be the case. We are very fortunate in Edmonton to have very fertile growing farms surrounding us and an abundance of farmers’ markets, but one reliable place I adore for produce and of course friendly service is our Italian Centre Shop on 108 Avenue and 95 Street. I find the produce outstanding and the variety pleasing.

If you live by the rule, “Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach,” start your excursion next door at Spinelli’s Café where you can nosh on affordable delicious sandwiches, soups, pastries, and finish off with delicious brewed coffee drinks and an order of the icy Italian staple, gelato.

Personally, being on a fixed income I often buy in bulk, Most of the major grocery stores in Edmonton (Save-on, Safeway, etc.) offer a percentage off your purchases the first Tuesday of every month. It never hurts to receive the free club cards that every grocer offers to increase your savings and take advantage of club member specials.

The Canada Food Guide was updated six years ago and represents a lot of diverse, healthy foods showcasing the cultural diversity of this amazing country. With tips from the food guide, my palate enjoys a variety of foods from every culture. I have recently become a big fan of Indian naan bread and can get very creative with it!

Following a good diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has increased benefits to your well being! Of course, if you have any diet concerns always consult with your doctor, as some things just may not work for you.

Bon appétit!

Ian is a resident of Boyle Street, a member of the Advisory Board for Services for Persons with Disabilities for the City of Edmonton, and the recipient of the Glenrose Award of Courage.

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