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Dicey Ice Season

The ice at the rink after the Family Day skating party. Dan Glugosh

Back in December, I was doubting all the weather predictions for Edmonton about this thing called El Nino. In January, and especially February, El Nino had its grip on Edmonton with the very unusual warm weather and it played havoc with our ice. We were happy that a week before Family Day there were some colder temperatures, and we were able to have our annual Family Day rink party, but by the end of the day the ice looked liked a slushy drink.

Here are numbers for January and February: January saw 626 people come to the rink for a skate (closed for 5 days because of weather). In February, we had 313 people (closed for 14 days due to weather). We were not able to open for March due to the warm weather. In total for the season, we had 1,719 people use our facility – not bad for a El Nino winter. I would like to thank KIDS, the McCauley Community League, and the City of Edmonton for all the great work that went in to making the skating season fun and successful

The recreational committee is now in the planning stages for summer events at the rink. They are looking at the following as some possible future activities: bring your dog and meet your neighbours, (this would be the same idea as a dog park but it would take place at the community rink); movie night; giant garage sale; music night; and some sports days like ball hockey. If you have ideas for activities for the rink during summer please send the McCauley Community League an email or join the recreation committee:  

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