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Viet Huong

A bowl of pho with green onion cakes at Viet Huong.

Viet Huong
10715 98 Street
(780) 424-9910

Viet Huong recently moved into the Chinatown area from just up 107 Avenue. It took over the space from the former Hoang Long. Little has changed on the interior, except for the addition of a large fish tank.

The menu is very typical of Vietnamese noodle houses, featuring a good selection of pho noodle soup, vermicelli noodle bowls, and rice dishes. I opted for a bowl of pho with medium sliced beef and brisket. My soup was full of meat which was reasonably tender and lean, and came in a broth that was well-seasoned.

Colleen, my co-Volunteer Coordinator, ordered a bowl of Thai spicy pho, and she ordered it without any meat. She was happy with the flavour of her soup and its abundance of noodles.

I started with a green onion cake, finding the two large rings of fried dough and green onions to be large and not too greasy, as well as a bit cheaper than I’ve had elsewhere. I also decided to do something I rarely do when I order pho – even though I find the complimentary green tea and broth from the soup to be more than enough liquid intake for one meal, I decided to try one of the iced drinks. Being a dreary winter day I felt some extra vitamin C was in order, and opted for a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. It was incredibly fresh and full of pulp – I literally felt like I was drinking an orange in liquid form.

Prices are in line, if not lower, than other Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Our entire meal, which also included a can of pop for Colleen, cost less than $25 before the tip. Service was fast and friendly and neither of us had any complaints about the food. Winter is the perfect time for a steaming bowl of pho, so consider heading to Viet Huong.

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