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Dining Out - Yet Dining In

A Meals on Wheels volunteer delivers a nutritious meal. Supplied

Meals on Wheels
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Dining out gives many people an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a good meal prepared by someone else, leaving kitchen duties to someone else. Some of us would like to be able do that all the time, because it’s difficult or impossible to cook at home. Yet for many it’s equally difficult or impossible to get out, leaving limited choices. But, it is possible to “Dine Out” and “Dine In” at the same time!

Meals on Wheels is a local non-profit agency that provides home-delivered meal services to anyone, particularly those who may not be able to cook for themselves or get out of the house. Daily hot meals are delivered to clients’ doors five days a week. The comprehensive menu offers nutritious, balanced meals developed with input from a registered dietitian and cooked fresh daily by a Red Seal chef and highly skilled cooks. Each hot meal consists of soup; a main meal which includes a protein, starch, and vegetables; fruit or salad; and a dessert. Food for a second meal and/or breakfast is also available and frozen meals can also be ordered. Meals on Wheels can accommodate most special dietary needs and preferences.

The meals are not only healthy, but delicious and tasty – hardly what you might expect from mass produced food. The freshness of the ingredients and the freshness of the cooking are the keys. Since there is no added salt or added fat, one can taste the pure food with just the right amount of spices to bring out the flavour. Some of my favourites are turkey and gravy, pork roast, chicken cordon bleu, and the beef barley soup. The fresh baked muffins and cookies are always treat to end the meal. Thankfully, the meals are “portion controlled” to keep the calorie intake down, but there is always plenty to eat.

The cost is $9.50 per day, per person, per meal for the standard one meal package, while additional lunch and breakfast packages are also available for few dollars more. Lower prices are also available to those who financially qualify.

Friendly and caring volunteers deliver hot meals to your door around midday during the week. “It’s not just healthy, delicious meals,” says Caitlin Fleming, Community Engagement and Fund Development Manager, “but also the human connection that volunteers deliver.” Having frequently delivered meals myself, I enjoy the conversations, the smiles, and the relationships with clients I meet. The trademark of Meals on Wheels, “Feeding Body and Soul,” is part of the mission of the organization. If you are interested in the service, even just for a short period, or volunteering to serve others, the main office staff can facilitate the “dining out” while “dining in” experience.

John lives in Boyle Street.

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