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Don Nikiforuk: Always Stepping Up for Our Casinos

Don Nikiforuk. David Prodan

One of our most dedicated volunteers who seldom gets the recognition he deserves is Don Nikiforuk.

Don was born in Lamont on June 20, 1948. His family moved into Edmonton to an acreage that eventually became Capilano Mall. When he was ready for school, he attended Braemar Elementary school – a school that is sadly no longer there.

Don went on to Hardisty Junior High and graduated from Victoria Composite High. He then went on to pursue his studies in Chemistry at the U of A. He also had a stint at N.A.I.T.

In 1998, Don moved into McCauley Apartments and became a neighbourhood regular. He is a self-confessed computer game freak, and enjoys several games. “Civilization” is his current favourite. Don loves history, archaeology, and watching the National Geographic Discovery Channel.

Don has two brothers and a sister, and is actively involved in healthy eating. He is always checking out new ways of improving our health.

Don does not just volunteer for the BMC News casinos, he always volunteers for the McCauley Community League’s casinos as well. Many of the Casino Advisors have his name as a person to call if clubs are short on volunteers. Thanks Don for your years of service to our community!

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