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Duo Merges Musical Genres


Concealer may seem like a new band on Edmonton’s music scene but has been around for a few years. It is a duo featuring McCauley resident Mark Davis (best known for his work with folk/rock group Old Reliable) on bass and vocals, and Miss Mannered on keyboards and assorted effects. The two musicians are on the verge of being discovered by a much wider audience. feted:fetid will be released this month and is the band’s debut album on fellow alternative/indie artist Rae Spoon’s Coax label.

feted:fetid combines a lot of very different, seemingly opposite styles of music. Punk, electronica, and folk converge into something unique. Lyrically strong, Davis’ vocals are deep and clear, while his bass is treated in such a way that it becomes a lead instrument. The songs are melodic and intriguing, sometimes delving into darkness, and often reminiscent at times as a cross between 80s synth pop and some of Daniel Lanois’ more recent experimental work.

If you are into eclectic sounds that defy the boundaries of musical genres, as well as supporting local music, Concealer is definitely worth checking out. For more information, visit

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