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  • Bao Boy. Tony Forchetta

Kanto 98 St. Eatery
10636 98 Street

Yo, Tony here. One thing Tony likes is spicy food, or (as I refer to it) _arrabbiato_ - a little angry – like Tony. So, when me and Missus Tony heard about a new Filipino street food joint on 98 Street, we had to check it out. For those who have left the ‘hood and ventured as far as downtown, you may have tried Tres Carnales or Rostizado – two amazing shops from Chef Edgar Gutierrez, who happened to grow up eating Filipino street food. So as with most of his ventures, this is a sure fire hit.

Now, I want to say up front if you’re a vegetablarian or veegun, this probably ain’t the place for you. On the other hand, if you like BBQ, spicy stuff, pork, and eating with your hands this is Da Bomb!

Tony and the Missus found the spot quiet on a Wednesday evening (they’re not open Tuesdays). The menu is hosted on a big screen and the choices include some BBQ goodies to start, skewers and sausage, pork belly – you get the idea. They also have some tasty Bao going on. For those that haven’t had a Bao, they are little fluffy steamed flat buns topped with all manner of tasty bits. Then they have chicken in both regular and spicy. They also have some options in a bowl like Chicken Adobo on rice. And, of course, Tony’s favourite food group – spaghetti. But this is Filipino-style and worth trying if you’ve never had it.

Tony and Missus Tony shared a few dishes to get a sense of it all and because Tony was one hungry dude. You order at the front, the folks whip it all up in the kitchen, and bring it out when it’s ready. Man, did it smell good – and taste even better. We had the Liempo (marinated, grilled, and sliced pork belly) and the Bao Boy (three tender steamed buns with pork belly, topped with green onion, house-made pickles, and sesame seeds). And, just to top it off, a batch of fried chicken done regular and spicy.

There are drink options of the family and adult-only variety. There are also lots of sides and add-ons to round out your meal. Portions are big, and Tony and Missus Tony had to take some home for breakfast the next day. Prices range from $11 to $18 and will leave you full and happy. Make sure to ask questions if you are curious, and the awesome staff will provide all the answers and recommendations. They are also on Skip the Dishes in case you’re feeling lazy. And make sure to get yourself out there and support all the amazing shops we’ve got in the ‘hood.

Until next time, Tony says, “_Mangia tutto! Ciao_.”

Tony lives in McCauley.

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