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Enjoy Sights and Sounds

I have always thought it would be a blessing if each person could be blind and deaf for a few days during his early adult life. Darkness would make him appreciate sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound.”-Helen Keller

The things we often take for granted like a simple sight or sound can influence your mood. I enjoy waking up to the sound of relaxing music which calms me and sets the map for my day. In the summer I enjoy having the windows open to hear the sounds of nature.

With sight comes similar feelings. The first snowfall, the spring peeking out with new growth, the summer of fully bloomed trees and green grass, autumn’s beauty and fiery colours – it’s all part of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Sometimes we do not take the time to realize simple beauty and enjoyment. At times we don’t appreciate the simple things until they are gone, so take time to observe and listen. Sights and sounds are there for you to enjoy!

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