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Family Day in McCauley Returns to the Rink

The Longriders wagon full of people going for a ride. Leif Gregersen

On Saturday, February 26th, the McCauley Community League hosted its Family Day Celebration at the McCauley skating rink, for the first time since the COVID crisis. What a wonderful day of celebration and community it was. People were sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate and having a hot dog, while others were lacing up skates and going for a rip on the beautiful ice. The air was filled with the smell of fire, the sound of fiddle music, horses’ hoofs and snorts from the wagon rides, squeals of delight from children, and the pleasant hum of chatter and laughter of a long-awaited community gathering.

Thank you to the Pagnotta and Mannarino families for providing and serving up a wonderful lunch of hot dogs, pasta salad, chips, and water. The families have been donating and volunteering at the rink in honour of the late Albert Pagnotta, who, with his brother, used to make ice and maintain the rink when it first opened. Albert was known for his generosity in helping to employ and feed those less fortunate.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped tend the fire, set up tables, pour hot chocolate, and who cleaned up past the scheduled closing time. Thanks to the fiddle player, Jay Kuchinsky, for treating us to lively folk tunes that blended perfectly with the laughter and chatter of the day. Thanks to Dan Glugosh, who always makes sure the ice is pristine and perfect for the event. Thanks to Leif Gregerson, whose keen eye captured the beauty of the event on camera. Thanks to Longriders, who provided us with wonderful wagon rides through McCauley, and to the friendly driver, Kyle Murphy, and his expert skills. Thanks also to REACH Edmonton and Mark Davis for the firewood and for keeping that fire going.

It was truly a wonderful day in McCauley, and as a volunteer for the board, it is one of those days that make everything we do worth it! We are planning an AGM in May and are looking for more board members. You do not need to be a professional – just someone who loves community-building and is willing to put in a few hours each month at meetings and help make these kinds of events happen in McCauley. Alice Kos is our President, and you can find more information on our website: If you are interested, please send us an email at We would love to hear from you.

Grace Kuipers is the Secretary with the McCauley Community League.

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