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February-March 2023

The new year brings some changes to the paper. First of all, Karen Simons, who has been our lead proofreader for the past four years, has decided to take a break. We thank her for her service, and I especially am grateful for her help in elevating the quality of the paper to new heights. Thank you, Karen!

At the same time, we would like to thank Glen Argan, who is stepping into our lead proofreading role. Glen is an experienced editor and has been a guest proofreader in the past. Welcome, Glen!

We also have two new board members to welcome: Richard Nguyen and Deborah Stewart. Richard grew up in the area and is also a Block Carrier. Some of you may be familiar with Deborah’s name, as she was a board member (and a Co-Chair) a number of years ago. Thank you both for stepping up!

Speaking of volunteering, if you are interested in writing, photographing, delivering, proofreading, or other roles, please contact me at You can also become a member of the non-profit society that operates the paper here: And don’t forget to follow us on social media: we’re bmcnews on "Facebook": and "Twitter":, and bmcviews on Instagram. Finally, sign up for our free e-newsletter at our website.

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